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Business Area | PURIT

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Business Area


Purit boasts high purity refining technology and
produces sustainable chemicals through future values.

Purit refines basic compounds and organic solvents
through high-performance distillation facilities to produce
the ultra-high purity electronic and industrial chemical products.

Purit produces sustainable and ultra-purity products through
abundant knowledge in chemical production technology and years of experience.

Electronic-Grade Chemicals

Purit produces electronic chemicals through high purity synthesizing and refining technology to supply chemical materials to domestic and overseas semiconductor and display industries.

반도체 시너 설명
Semiconductor Thinn
Purit produces main raw materials of thinners for wafer EBR (Edge Bead Remover) and RRC (Resist Reduced Coating) used in semiconductor processes.
주요 품목 리스트
Main Items
Semiconductor EEP (Ethyl 3-Ethoxypropionate)

Industrial-Grade Chemicals

Purit produces industrial chemicals used for industrial raw materials, such as paints. We are dealing with chemical products from all-round industrial groups such as secondary batteries and other general industrial batteries, MLCCs and films, and we are also engaged in circular economy by producing products using organic solvent upcycling technology.

산업용 용제 설명
Industrial Solvents
Purit produces chemical products from various industrial materials, and produce upcycling products through recycling and high purity refining of organic solvent products for circular economy.
주요 품목 리스트
Main Items