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    Electronic-Grade Chemicals

    Purit adopts high-purity synthesizing and refining technology to produce and supply electronic-grade chemicals for our customers in domestic and overseas semiconductor and display industries.


    Industrial-Grade Chemicals

    Purit produces Industrial-Grade chemicals widely used as raw materials in industrial sector, such as thinner and paints.


    Sustainable chemical provider

    Purit is leading future market with forecast on dynamic changes of our environment.
    Purit proactively responds to the future electronic materials market with
    our own synthesizing technology and electronic material recycling capabilities.
    As “Solution Innovator”, Purit creates and provides future values to our customers.

    Purit concentrates on R&D for the best quality control, technology development
    and maintenance of facilities such as multi-stage distillation towers to produce
    high-purity products. With development of new products, Purit strives
    into research on cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to boost our development.

    Purit boasts high purity refining and upcycling technologies for organic solvents
    to create future values through a circular economy business model in line with ESG.
    We realize corporate social responsibilities in today’s nature, environment,
    people and society by means of implementing the future technologies.

    About PURIT

    • Production of High Purity Chemical Products

      Purit produces general and electronic class of ultra-high purity products using high-performance distillation facilities that purify basic compounds and organic solvents as a manufacturer of petrochemical products for semiconductors and displays.

    • Unrivaled Electronic Materials Upcycler

      Purit upcycles waste organic solvents discharged in the form of waste liquids and reproduce them as products of the same quality, supplying and selling them to companies and markets. Our pretreatment and refining (distillation) technologies comply with the characteristics of upcycled products as distinctive from other upcycling companies.

    • Win-Win Growth for Future Industries

      Purit is working as a synergist as the only organic solvent upcycler among its corporate group, as well as a manufacturer and provider of raw materials for the major products. We aim to achieve mutual sustainable growth with the corporate group through the process of manufacturing electronic materials.


    New Future Values Through
    Synthesizing & Upcycling
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    We look beyond convenient
    and happy chemical

    Value System

    We rise up anew with new technological developments and our spirit of challenge.

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    Purit has become a representative chemical company in Korea in affiliation with KAI, ENF, and KC&A.

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    Check out Purit’s brochure.

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